A Summer Morning’s Micro-Arboriculture

Yesterday brought us a peak of 42 degrees in the northern suburbs of Sydney. Last night accompanied a 15 degree drop in temperature with a fugue of thunder and lightning and this morning’s skies are sulking through a fug at 28 degrees. There’s plenty to do to my little trees, but first; breakfast. Hashed Tempeh […]

Torturing Tiny Trees…

The northern reaches of Sydney are comprised of high ridges and deep gullies. Hills are frequent and steep. There are many trees. Atop the ridges, the trees grow short, thick and scrubby. As you venture lower into the valleys, trunks lengthen as leaves strive for sunlight. Along the sides of the road you see them […]

The Sacrifice Branch

A shallow pot of buttermilk yellow and a thick carpet of moss draw the eye to strong, buttress roots. From there the trunk might be considered too straight, but I always draw feelings of strength from its regularity of form. The frame is, perhaps, a little too exposed; the foliage a little too focused at […]